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Today, through all the problems it poses, the Mediterranean finds itself at the centre of the planet’s preoccupations. For a long time people had believed it was […]

Poetry is a complex whole in which a man’s entire experience and the entirety of a language simultaneously intervene. One must express at the same time feelings, sensations, ideas if […]

Does the Mediterranean exist?

On the map, the Mediterranean is that kind of false blue rectangle which pretends to jealously close in upon itself, but, if one looks closely, is seen […]


The rose of burning and the spirit’s wind
Have bartered snow
Dove in the distance is this flake of light
Which becomes tear or dream
This side of day […]

Salah Stetie is a poet of the essence of things

Born in Beirut in 1929, he has published more than forty collections of poetry both in French […]

Salah STÉTIÉ is a French Lebanese poet and essayist of international renown. In his exquisite, soberly beautiful poems, Western culture merges with Oriental and Arabic traditions. His writing has a […]

7-9 mai : Salah Stétié est l’invité de Dartmouth College.

Journées d’échanges avec les professeurs et les étudiants sous la houlette du professeur Yasser Elhariri

Dartmouth College

fin mai : Rencontre […]

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